HOW TO PLAy/  Shown @ the Modern Makers warehouse & wave pool 

Installation at Modern Makers (Cincinnati, OH) for the 2016 Mid-America College Art Association Conference and for Wave Pool's first annual 9x18 Experimental Parking Lot Exhibition

We often neglect the importance of integrating lightheartedness into daily systems and dismiss our ability to collaboratively have fun. "How to Play" invited viewers to interact with art in a humorous and innovative way. Through the powers of nostalgia and the encouragement of a light-heart.Tthe viewers were able to push sculpture, ride upon found objects, and view surrounding artworks in motion. The success of the installation at the opening night was a combination of laughter, scooter tricks, motion, and play. 

HOW TO PLAY (2016/17): sizeless, razor scooters, shipping palates (skids), pom-poms, canvas, stuffing, polyurethane foam, aircraft cable, yellow spray, participation