I don't need to be in the woods

"I Don't Need to Be in the Woods" ruminates on resilience, language/naming, and my own unfamiliarities with natural spaces. This body of work was created at Ox-Bow School of Art & Artist Residency and was my first time being present in a studio surrounded by a natural environment. Through readings and research from "Black in the Woods" a seminar discussing blackness, the pastoral, and navigation, I came to find interest in the study of thistle. This installation calls attention to the similarities in suppression and power structures inherently behind the history of weeds.

Process was rooted in this installation. Site-specificty and concrete casting took a new meaning as I directly cast into the ground beneath me, uncovering the landscaping work to pour.

Cast Into the Ground: Edition of 10, concrete, natural molds, Resilient as Thistle: Laser print, water, inkjet print, Found Topography: Varied edition of 30, vector images of the ground