how to behave at the pool / SHOWN AT VICTORY gallery (cincinnati)

How to Behave at the Pool is the second half of a two part series (Competition Series: Tennis and HTBATP)  for "OWN IT" at Victory Gallery in Cincinnati, OH; this series focuses on competitive sporting sites such as tennis courts and race-based swimming pools. The focus on competition and participation in this body of work reflects the precariousness of our current political state; seeking out objects that assist in navigation or encourage rules in an area of sport, such as pool lane lines or a net barrier, helps the viewer to approach navigation in daily life. 
T LANE LINES: (25" x 3") Muslin, commercial dye, cautionary colors, thread. DIVING BLOCK: (1X1X2ft) Concrete, pool slip mat, acrylic, polyurethane foam. PENNANT FLAG: (35ft) Canvas