safety, security, and service

SSS: Waiting in Line is the manifestation of ethnographical research on shared institutional spaces. The objects and imagery created seek out to demonstrate objects of navigation, conversation, and common place that are utilized in bureaucratic spaces like the Post Office and the BMV. The objects of this series came to be from both anthropological research of the histories of these sites and physically inserting myself into to the space (like waiting in line at the Ohio BMV for a few hours a day). These sculptures aim at reframing the potential intimacy and absurdity of our relationship's with these spaces of institutional hierarchy.
Acceptable Documents for DMV Identification: 14' x 5' house paint, commercial dye, home drop cloth / I'm So Tired of Getting my Damn Packages Returned:  edition of 14, priority mail post boxes, concrete, acrylic / Department of Motor Vehicles: 5' x 1.5', slogan, muslin, commercial dye, thread / Retractable Net Barrier: concrete, found steel, muslin, resist paste, blue caps