Waiting in Line: I want to Love you 

This installation serves as the culminating thesis of my BFA degree. In Waiting in Line: I Want to Love You, I obsessively examined what was surrounding me when running mandatory errands at sites like the grocery store, pharmacy, DMV, or bank. This installation gives these commonplace objects attention so that the viewer can greater empathize with the tasks at hand the people surrounding you while waiting in line.

An excert from paired book 156 Shoes: Today We Wait in Line Together, "Whether you take solace in the uncomfortable and hectic nature of running errands or truly cannot imagine another thing taking up your day, you are sharing those emotions with the people waiting in line silently around you."

SSS: Edition of 125 bricks, CNC routed foam, high density urethane rubber, repetition, labor, concrete, plaster / Might As Well be the Damn Squeaky Wheel: inkjet print, found mutilated shopping cart / Can You Please Double Bag These?: Edition of 12, plaster, grocery bags, steel rod, cast concrete / Bad, Sweet, Cone: found object, service with a smile / Assorted/Hidden Paintings