Wiping Sweaty Hands onto Your Clothes

Wiping Sweaty Hands onto Your Clothes, one of many suggested body language acts to avoid, focuses on culminating site-specific concrete casts over time, particular to The Carnegie’s exterior architecture. The additive sculpture endeavor takes away notions of site-specificity as a whole and focuses on the physical and labored act of learning about a place you care for. The installation and process introspectively calls attention to the pressure and weight of lost time and the desire to put emotions into a solid object over-and-over again.

The historical focus of this body of work is surrounded around Berlin’s Trümmerfrauen (the women of Austria and Germany responsible for cleaning up the detritus of WWII), the Shuttberge Mountain structures created by their physical triumphs, and the hyper-aestheticization of their "femme" labor. Process is central in this installation.

Cast concrete, exterior molds, jersey knit print, found object, hand truck, endless varied edition